Two fantastic writing resources

If you’re interested in the story behind the pictures then these two sites are a very good resource:

First up is by Alexandra Sokoloff, currently she is writing a series of posts called “How To Write A Novel From Start To Finish” (also applicable to scripts) These posts have some excellent information breaking down the elements of a good narrative and how you to can tap into and create your own masterpieces.

Secondly, The story Department is where I discovered Alexandra’s blog, and is filled with much useful information.

There are many stories in everyone, all around us.  The only obstacle between you and your stories are persistence, time, technique and opening the mysterious connection to your subconscious mind.

Most people only live 30,000 days, time stops for no person so don’t waste a minute!

If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.


~ by cgvector on April 4, 2010.

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